Our business hours: 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (tel. +48 601 740 200 - 24h)

Pol Mack Poland specializes in national and international road transport with special consideration paid to such countries as: Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and France. Our offer is based on full truckload, added load and bulk transport with the use of 26.5 t tilt-type vehicles trucks. In addition, modern service facilities designed to handle trucks allow us to provide professional workshop services to external customers. 

What should you know about Pol Mack Poland? 

  • Long-term experience – the company has been present on the market for 30 years (since 1990) during which time, it has provided its services to quite a number of medium- and large-size companies and corporations worldwide. 
  • Dynamic growth – what started off as a small family business has now turned into a company with highly qualified personnel and a quite extensive car park;
  • Safety – at our headquarters, we have an independent GPS monitoring system designed to track our vehicles; we also hold insurance against the carriage of goods (OCP) with coverage amount of PLN 1,000,000;
  • Qualified employees – our team consists of experienced management personnel and carefully selected drivers and dispatchers; 
  • Environmental approach - Pol Mack Poland meets specific environmental requirements and the drivers are trained in applying economical driving techniques and operation costs reduction procedures;
  • High-level availability – a new fleet with well-developed technical backup facilities guarantees processing of orders in a reliable and timely manner;
  • Perfect location – Pol Mack Poland's main office, including technical backup facilities and car park, is located near Wrocław, in the Lower Silesia Province, which makes it easy convenient for us to reach any part of the UE.

Pol Mack Poland participates in the "Ecolution by Scania" program aimed to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions to the environment. Moreover, each new vehicle owned by Pol Mack Poland meets the Euro 5 standard recommended by the European Union. As a result, emissions of nitric oxides, hydrocarbons and dust particles into the atmosphere are reduced to a maximum. As part of our environmental protection project, our company supplements its fleet with EURO 6 engine type vehicles.

What Pol Mack Poland guarantees to its customers?

  • Processing of demanding orders where time is of utmost importance: 
  • Safe delivery of transported goods (trucks stop only at guarded and monitored parking lots);
  • Relationships based on trust, reliability and loyalty; 
  • Cooperation with experienced forwarders; 
  • Carriage of freight of various type: full truckload, neutral and dangerous materials (ADR).

Pol Mack Poland is a member of: 

  • International Road Carrier Association (ZMPD) which aims, without limitation, to: provide assistance to associated carriers, forward to the carriers the information concerning haulage operations and represent their interests with state bodies, national and international organizations; 
  • Elite Club Millionaire Scania which provides a platform for meetings and exchange of experiences between the drivers of high–mileage Scania vehicles; 
  • Conti Fleet VIP club being part of Conti360º – Continental program aimed to provide professional tire assistance and service in 25 European countries.